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AJB Recommends: Learning About Uncoupling Dignity From Achievement

graphic about uncoupling dignity from achievement showing the logo for the lucky few podcast and image for Mere Orthodoxy article called Dignity Beyond Accomplishment“I want to sever the connection between dignity and accomplishment altogether.” So says Justin Hawkins on The Lucky Few Podcast last week.

Uncoupling Dignity from Achievement

Even as a mother of a child with Down syndrome, I get sucked into the idea that our value—mine, Penny’s, and everyone else—comes from what we achieve. This conversation was such a lifegiving correction, reminding me once again that our dignity comes from our humanity, our belovedness, and not from anything we do.

The Lucky Few Podcast

In this excellent conversation about the inherent and eternal dignity of every human being, Heather Avis talks with Hawkins, a PhD candidate in the Ethics department at Yale University who also has a sister with Down syndrome.

Mere Orthodoxy Article

Their conversation stems from an article Hawkins wrote for Mere Orthodoxy: Dignity Beyond Accomplishment

I loved this essay and this podcast episode. I hope you’ll have a chance to read and/or listen too as you join me in learning about uncoupling dignity from achievement.

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