graphic with a blurred background and covers of three things to watch: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wakanda Forever, and Occupied

3 Things to Watch This Weekend

Here are 3 things to watch this weekend. We had an unexpected family movie weekend, where we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and then Wakanda Forever (in the theater).

MBFGW had our kids howling on the floor (I mean, Windex, chin hair, and true love is all really funny even twenty years later).

Wakanda Forever had all of us in awe of the visuals and costumes and strength, and we were enraptured by the storytelling. Both were fun and good in different ways.

Peter and I have been watching Occupied, a Norweigan drama (yes, subtitles) from 2019 in which Russia begins to occupy Norway. If I had watched it when it came out, I might have thought it was outlandish. Now, it feels like a helpful way to stay engaged with the fight for democracy and questions about whether freedom is worth dying for. We are well into season Two and highly recommend it.

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