William Becker Reviews “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

My son William is a curious and inquisitive eleven year old. He loves to learn and to discuss big ideas. I wrote a book called Small Talk a few years ago and in it you can read how he, like his sisters, often asked questions that caught me off guard. The classic question William asked was, after hearing the story of the Nativity, “Does Santa love me?” He hasn’t stopped asking questions since. I love his sharp mind and big ideas.

A family friend recently came for a visit and gave my children a few comic books. Interestingly, despite all being readers, none of my kids were particularly interested in the Archie or even the Star Wars comic. William was, however, intrigued by the comic book she brought called This is What Democracy Looks Like. My friend Elizabeth and William read and discussed the comic book together, and she suggested he make a video review of it.

The comic book is the work of The Center for Cartoon Studies an art school based in Vermont. This Is What Democracy Looks Like was made via a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer. You can download a free pdf version or even order copies for classrooms as an educational tool. As you can see from William’s review, he is a fan.

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