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8th Grade Graduation: Who They Are Becoming

William graduated from eighth grade last week. He’s headed to boarding school next year, so this day marked the end of an era in multiple ways for our family. He’s ready. (I’m not, but I’ll get there.)

It was an unconventional ceremony. There were no awards given. No valedictorian speeches. No adult speeches for that matter. No singing of a school song or hymn. 

Instead, each graduate (there were only 26) of this Montessori school prepared a three(ish)-minute speech. We listened to these young men and women reflect on their time in school and say thank you to teachers and family members. We were invited to celebrate who they are rather than what they have achieved. 

Afterwards, we had a big party. The graduates changed out of their dresses and jackets and bounced on the trampoline and ate pizza and played games. 

During the ceremony, we caught a glimpse of the adults they are becoming. Then, during the party, we got to celebrate the kids they still are. 

Happy graduation, William. We are so proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

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