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White Picket Fences Turns 4!


Economically stable.

Cares about other people.

Doesn’t like social divisions.

Doesn’t know what to do about those divisions.

Afraid that trying to do anything will just be an exercise in hopelessness or shame or burnout.

But also wondering if there’s a hopeful way to participate in healing.

Wondering if there are small steps forward toward repair.

I wrote White Picket Fences for you. 

White Picket Fences came out four years ago, before George Floyd was murdered, before White nationalists stormed the Capitol, before critical race theory became a lightning rod for school boards. 

White Picket Fences is an invitation for people like me—White, affluent, educated, able-bodied—to discover the hope and healing available when we face the truth of our history with both grief and gratitude. It is an invitation to listen, learn, lament, and love. 

In the four years since it first came out, I’ve traveled around the United States and heard from people across the globe about how they were able to find themselves and their families within this story. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll celebrate with me and pick up a copy today!  

I also have lots of resources available to you as companions to the book: an action guide, a Bible study, discussion guides, and more!

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