Where Is God When People Suffer {Ep 106}

Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more convinced that love is the foundation of all reality. Love is the deepest truth about God, about creation, about humans. So where is the God of love when people are suffering?

Of course, our lived experience often seems to contradict any idea that “all we need is love” or “love lifts us up where we belong.” Our lived experience even seems to contradict the idea that “God is love.” This present moment of coronavirus has included both heroic and ordinary stories of love, but it has also included the horrible reality of divorce rates that skyrocketed as soon as Wuhan province in China opened its doors, rising numbers of calls to domestic abuse hotlines, and an ever-increasing narrative of suffering and death due to COVID-19.

God and Suffering

Where is the God of love when so many human beings are suffering?

I certainly haven’t stumbled upon some perfect answer to this question, but in today’s podcast, I do talk about how Jesus helps us understand a God of both love and suffering. I talked last week about how distraction, fear, and injustice keep us from living in love. This week I’m talking about how voluntary self-sacrifice motivated by love allows us to participate in love. 

Suffering Isn’t the Worst Thing

The bottom line is that suffering isn’t the worst thing. Separation from love is the worst thing. Our typical daily lives—filled with distraction, fear, and injustice—often keep us separated from love. This disruption in our daily lives is an invitation to connect to love. 

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