Less Distraction and Paying Attention

Distraction—largely in the form of entertainment and busyness—keeps us from love. (So does fear, and so does injustice, which I’ve been talking about in the podcast. But for today, I’m thinking about distraction.)

Right now, I’m as distractible as I ever was. I keep my phone in my back pocket. (And, lest the idea of a back pocket confuse you, that’s the back pocket of my one pair of yoga pants with pockets.) I pull it out and scroll through Instagram. I check in on multiple news sources. I check the weather. A lot. But truth be told, there just isn’t as much to distract me as there was two months ago. It is easier to pay attention.

Lately, this means I’ve paid attention to the aches and pains in my lower back. Instead of just medicating with Advil, I’ve wondered what emotion is prompting that tension. I’ve paid attention to our kids, and I’ve had a chance to get to know them better. I’ve paid attention to the promptings of the Spirit, so when a friend comes to mind unexpectedly, I reach out. 

And when a gorgeous (if chilly) spring day came along, I paid attention. I paid attention to the sky and the grass and the bluebirds—it is a gift of pure grace to see the blue of a bluebird. I paid attention to our children and delighted in hearing what five celebrities they each would invite to a dinner party. (We all agreed on Beyonce. Otherwise, it was all over the map.) 

This season of less distractibility is an invitation to pay attention—to our bodies, our hearts, our longings, our fears, our dreams. It is an invitation to pay attention to the quiet, gentle, whisper of love.


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