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Telling a New Story About Disability

There’s a mindset around disability that says things like:

People with disabilities are always suffering.

People with disabilities are a burden.

A life with a disability is not a full life.

A life with a disability is a sad life.

But what if we saw it differently? 

What if wheelchairs were opportunities for people to get around rather than indications of something wrong?

What if we believed the data that suggests people with Down syndrome are happier than typical people and wondered what we could learn from people with Down syndrome?

What if we entered into the sorrow and loss of lives cut short, not by seeing those lives as a burden to be grieved, but as gifts to be received, for however short a time, with wonder and gratitude?

What if disability could help us all understand the fragility, uncertainty, hopefulness, and beauty of these lives we are given? 

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