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Guest Podcast: White Picket Fences at Mockingbird Conference 2019

One of the great joys of being invited to speak from White Picket Fences about the power of love to heal social divisions is getting to talk with people afterwards and hear their questions, their thoughts, and their personal experiences. 

This spring, David Zahl invited me to speak at the Mockingbird Conference in New York City. When I got to my breakout session, the room was packed (literally packed, but before I puff myself up too much let me also mention that it was a Sunday school classroom. There’s something wonderfully humbling about speaking to adults who are squatting on colorful chairs designed for 3-year olds). There were men and women who ranged in aged from 20-something to 80-something and who came from multiple countries, various ethnic groups, and a wide range of income. 

But all of us had something to learn from each other about what it means to come together through our common humanity while also honoring the diverse identities God has given us. 

Listen to the talk here:

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