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Head, Heart, Hands Audiobook & EBook

White Picket Fences: 7-Session Bible Study

White Picket Fences: 3-Session Guide

White Picket Fences: 1-Session Guide

AJB Recommends: Learn About Race and Privilege

A list of resources—books, podcasts, and films—to help children, teenagers, and adults grow in understanding that leads to action

Podcast Season 3 | White Picket Fences

Race, class, identity, privilege. These are topics and concepts that divide us, but what if we could start talking about them? Through conversation and stories that follow the themes of Amy Julia's book, White Picket Fences: Turning toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege, explore these hard topics in order to move together towards healing.

blog posts about privilege

AJB on Privilege

Resources from Amy Julia about the topic of privilege. What is privilege? What is it not? How does it harm? How do we respond?

George Floyd and Breana Taylor

AJB on Racial Healing

Resources from Amy Julia about participating in racial healing

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White Picket Fences​

Turning towards love in a world divided by privilege