Porter’s Gate Worship Album – Neighbor Songs

I had the great privilege of participating in the Porter’s Gate songwriting project last January in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Wait, you didn’t know I’m a songwriter? (I’m not.)

But I was invited to participate in the conversations this diverse group of Christians were having about race, disability, friendship, and the church. I was invited to attend to give a talk at the gathering about how race and privilege impact community as one of several speakers who came to share ideas that would set the tone for the weekend and set the stage for writing the music.

The people who are singer/songwriters (Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, the folks from Urban Doxology, Fernando Ortega, and more) wrote songs (not me!). I got to have a front-row seat to their creative and collaborative process. They developed beautiful and thoughtful songs about community and loving our neighbor. The album of songs from our time together, called Neighbor Songs, was released yesterday. 

Check it out here.

(or wherever you listen to music!)

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