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Penny in Her Own Words: Down Syndrome, School, and Friends

graphic with three pictures of Penny with her friendsMy name is Penny and I have an extra chromosome because I have Down syndrome.  In my daily life I wake up independently, make breakfast, and go to school. My classes are Chorus, American Popular Music, Transitions, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Structured Study. Out of all of my classes my favorite is Transitions. 

Penny in Her Own Words: School

I like Chorus because even though we are still wearing masks we get to sing and feel free. I like American Popular Music because we get to learn the background of every style of music including the music that we listen to today. I love Transitions because all of my friends are in the class and we learn about something new everyday. I like LA because I like to read and write. I like Math because we get to learn about word problems. I like SS because we wrote our first ever essay this year and I am looking forward to writing more essays. I like Struc Study because we all need different kinds of help.

Penny in Her Own Words: Family and Friends

 I like to hang with my family on Sundays, be on my phone, and have friends that care about me. The thing that matters most to me is my boyfriend.

 I am a good friend because my friends know they can always talk to me no matter what they are feeling. Always there for someone when they need it My boyfriend was in pain last week and I helped him. I am a rule follower I don’t get in trouble easily.

Penny in Her Own Words: Down Syndrome

 I am cool with having Down Syndrome but I wish I didn’t have it. Some people with Down Syndrome can’t do many things like making friends. This has been a struggle for me, especially during Covid.

Outside of my school life I like to go to Church because we have a dance ministry. I went to the mall with my friend and we got to pick out our homecoming dresses together. I am looking forward to Homecoming with my friends and boyfriend. 

To wrap it all up, I have Down Syndrome and it changed my life because my parents didn’t know I had it until I was born. I am flexible in both ways. Physically and emotionally. Overall, I have friends and family who support me.


It is a delight to share Penny’s words with you!

2nd picture in graphic above by Ashley Monogue

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  1. Stephanie Hubach

    Penny! This was a fabulous update on your life. Thank you so much for sharing about yourself with others. It was so wonderful to hear how much you love school. It was also really helpful for me to hear about what specific things are hard for you in life too, because you have Down syndrome. I hope you keep writing articles. You are a great writer. I am excited to see where God leads you in life as you become an adult. God bless you Penny.

    1. Amy Julia Becker

      Thanks for these kind words, Stephanie! I will pass them along to Penny!

  2. Myra Monroe Carr

    Hi Penny,
    Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us. I really enjoyed hearing about your day, your boyfriend and your school experiences. I have a daughter who also has Down syndrome and is 18 (a senior) and she also is sad about missing some activities and friends due to Covid. Keep writing, you’re doing a great job!

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