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My High Schooler’s Independence

high schooler's independence
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I was recently reminded of my high schooler’s independence. Last week I left the girls home alone together while I went to the grocery store. Before I went, I suggested to Penny she might want to get a little exercise and take a walk. When I got home, I found this note: “11:01. I am walking be back in 15 Penny.”⁠

note saying Penny is going on a walk - a glimpse of her independence!

I love this note so much. First, because she took it upon herself to take a walk. Second, because she wrote a note—just like I do when I take a run in the morning before the kids wake up. Third, because it reminds me that she is growing in independence, responsibility, and care for herself.⁠

There are so many days when worry about Penny’s future creeps in. She’s in ninth grade now. Will the boy she has a crush on break her heart? Will she be able to live in a big city with friends as she dreams about doing? Will she get married? Will she be happy?⁠

And then I get brought back to the present moment of a fourteen-year-old young woman who has decided to go for a walk on a drizzly day and leave a note for her mom. And that moment brings me great peace.⁠


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missing out on beautiful

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