Missing Out on Beautiful: New Free Ebook about Down Syndrome and other thoughts

Dear October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I’ve created an eBook called “Missing Out on Beautiful: 7 Essays about Raising a Child with Down Syndrome” as my way of helping to raise awareness about this genetic condition. The eBook is FREE.

That’s right–you do not need to pay a dime, or even a penny, to receive it. You just need to go to my website and enter your email address where it says, “Signup here and receive my new free eBook,” and the link will be sent automatically to your inbox.

The book compiles six essays I’ve written over the years as well as new material, including an interview with Penny herself. It is filled with beautiful photos. And yes, it is great for people with children with special needs. But these essays are for all of us because they are reflections on where we find meaning and purpose in life, how we understand value, how children help us grow up, and what it means to base life on love instead of achievement.

Please click on this link to get your free copy of “Missing Out on Beautiful”, and please share this link with anyone else who would benefit from a reminder about what makes life worth living today.

As Penny herself says, “Don’t be scared because your child’s life could be easier than expected. My life is filled with caring, loving people and joyful happiness.”

Amy Julia

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