AJB Recommends: Free of Me by Sharon Hodde Miller


My friend Sharon Hodde Miller has written an essential and excellent book. It comes out next week, and I had the privilege of reading an early draft. I will give this book away to friends. I will recommend it to pastors, to friends, to small groups of people. The title says a lot: Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not about You.

We want freedom and fulfillment and joy. We want to take care of ourselves and our families. This book explores the ironic dynamic that the more we focus on ourselves the more miserable we can become, but if we “raise our gaze” to a bigger purpose and plan it frees us to take care of ourselves, our families, participate in our communities with greater peace and joy. Sharon is smart and insightful while also writing in highly readable and accessible prose with funny and poignant stories and examples throughout. I highly recommend this book- check out Free of Me!

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