photo of Amy Julia taking a selfie in the mirror with her holding her cell phone and a hairdryer and Penny in front of her

I’m Not the Mom for Prom…

Here are some things I’m good at as a mom:

  • listening to our kids
  • asking questions
  • making sure they get enough sleep, as toddlers and as teenagers
  • showing up for events and performances
  • making waffles on Saturday morning
  • teaching executive function skills
  • consistency

Here are some things I’m not good at as a mom:

  • shopping
  • hair
  • makeup
  • shoes
  • manicures, pedicures, or any other treatment that might happen in a spa

Which is to say, I am not exactly the mom you want on prom night. 

Thankfully, Penny picked out her dress online and ordered it and it fit and was exactly what she wanted. Thankfully, her friend Ona invited her to get their nails done together the day before. Sadly, her sister Marilee (who excels at hair and makeup) had a bat mitzvah to attend. And unfortunately, Penny had a dance rehearsal so we only had an hour to get ready and therefore no time to go to a hair salon. 

I did my best. It wasn’t perfect. Her hair fell out soon after she got on the bus. She didn’t blame me. And she still glowed with her own beautiful smile and thanked me for helping her get ready. 

(Yes, next year, we will make sure we ask for more help!!!)

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