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I Have a Gift for You: Movements of Healing Guide


Honesty, humility, and hope. These are the three movements of healing we see again and again in the gospel stories of healing. These are the movements we see in our own lives and in our communities. 

They all emerge from and lead back to the love that holds us all together. As we heal, we learn to receive our belovedness even as that love heals us. And as we receive our belovedness and live in love, we are also prompted to create spaces of belonging where others can also know the healing love of God.

After sharing thoughts on how we can move towards healing with women from many generations and diverse backgrounds up and down the east coast, I decided to create a short pdf to share with you all and give you an introduction to these movements towards healing. (You can find it here.)

Honesty, humility, and hope—movements that lead you ever more towards the healing love of God.


gradient blue graphic with cover of Movements of Healing guide

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