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I Don’t Want to Prove Myself

Years ago, I met a man who had argued some cases before the Supreme Court. He had other accolades on his resume. I was excited to talk with him.

But when we were introduced, he turned to me and asked, “Well, what are your credentials?”

My chest constricted. I didn’t want to try to earn standing in his eyes. I didn’t want my educational background or connections or professional achievements to be the reason he talked with me. I said something vague, like, “I’m a writer, and I spend a lot of time with our three children.” He wasn’t interested in hearing more. 

This interaction happened about a decade ago, but it stuck with me as a warning of what I don’t want to do. 

I don’t want to prove myself.

I do want to be myself. I do want to offer the things I love and the way I think about the world and the subjects that excite me and the ways I can care for people and imagine goodness and pursue love. 

What if we all decided to stop trying to prove ourselves and instead believed that we are already enough?

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