Hope Heals: Partnership of Hope and Healing

Last week, I had the honor of spending 24 hours with the board and staff and co-founders of Hope Heals

The time reminded me of many truths, including that the spiritual imagination is a vehicle for hope.

Hope Heals is a ministry that emerged out of Jay and Katherine Wolf’s story. A devastating stroke left Katherine with multiple disabilities and paralyzed on one side of her body at the age of 26 with a newborn baby. Now, at age 40, they are ambassadors of hope, proclaiming the truths inherent within a “good hard” life. Jay and Katherine’s story provides one way for other people to imagine a good life after an unexpected and traumatic accident.

Our family’s story—of greater wholeness and connection and love after our daughter Penny was diagnosed with Down syndrome—provides one way for other people to imagine a good life with a genetic condition.

We need stories upon stories upon stories to give us ways to use our imaginations, guided and tethered by the truths of the Spirit, to help us all hold on to hope. 

I can’t believe I get to partner with these beautiful people to bring stories of hope and healing into the world.

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