Happy Birthday, Marilee!

10-year-old girl making snow angelHappy birthday, Marilee! Marilee turned ten last week, and even in the midst of a Covid winter, we were so delighted to celebrate her birthday! We invited the five other girls in her cohort from school over for an outside (frigid!) party and scavenger hunt. They broke into two teams and ran around doing different things involving the number ten: ten jumping jacks on the steps of the church on the green up the road, ten times down the slide in our backyard, spelling ten with found objects, making up a song with the word ten in it. We finished with hot chocolate and cupcakes and Lays potato chips (a very specific request from the birthday girl). 

I loved all of it. I loved coming up with the list of scavenger hunt items with Peter. I loved watching her big brother, William, shovel snow and build a fire as an act of care for his little sister. I loved Penny’s eagerness to give her a new baking set so she could make cupcakes that looked nicer than our typical fare. 

But most of all, I love our daughter with her sparkling energy and sincere emotion and her enthusiasm for life and her love for people. What an honor to watch her grow up. Happy birthday, Marilee!

happy birthday Marilee

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