Marilee with her baby cousin

Happy 12th Birthday, Marilee!

Marilee recently pulled out the measuring stick we use for our family and said, “Look at me in 2016! I’ve grown so much!” And then she said, “And look at you in 2016, before you started shrinking!”

She wasn’t kidding.

Apparently, I am shrinking already. 

But, far more to the point, she is growing. And growing into a beautiful, kind, funny, fun, insightful, delightful young woman. In everything she does, she is all in. On the field, on stage, in the classroom, in a friendship, in our family. Big feelings. Big thoughts. Sometimes, big disappointments. Always, big hopes and dreams. 

Last night, she told me she had found a new book to read. “No one is as good as me at judging books by their covers,” she said. 

We had a good laugh, but I also wondered at the truth of her statement. Because sometimes what you see on the outside does reflect what’s true inside the pages. It’s certainly true with Marilee. 

If she’s mad, you’ll see it. If she doesn’t forgive you, she will tell you. And if she is grateful and enthusiastic and filled with excitement, you will know it within moments. 

Today is Marilee’s 12th birthday. We could not be more grateful for who she is and what she brings into our lives. Happy birthday, Marilee!!!

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