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Give a Book for Christmas

We are in countdown-to-Christmas mode, which makes me feel very insecure because every time William reminds me how many days are left until presents are supposed to be under the tree (and wrapped!), I feel a little more panicked about how unprepared I am.
If you are like me, maybe books are a good answer. Give a book for Christmas! Here are three of my memoirs that might be just what you’re looking for as you finish up your Christmas shopping for the book lovers in your life: White Picket Fences, A Good and Perfect Gift, and Small Talk.
I write about a diverse range of topics in my books, but the theme throughout is how we can embrace our common humanity as people who are limited, broken, and beloved. My experiences have led me to believe that love is stronger than fear. In all my books, you’ll find true stories about the ways love can heal brokenness and transform social divisions and how, amidst and even because of our limitations, love springs forth in our everyday lives.
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