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Faithfulness Is Love Over Time

Faithfulness is love over time.

Steady, loyal, consistent love.

Even when we don’t believe that love exists.Even when we reject that love.

Even when we don’t return that love.

God remains faithful to us by remaining constant in love.

And I guess what’s so powerful and amazing about it is that when love is constant, loyal, and steadfast over time, it changes us. Faithfulness transforms us. 

We begin to believe it might be true. We begin to wonder whether it might really be the only thing that lasts. And then we soften to it. Like rocks turned into sand, worn down over eons. Like clay that begins cold and hard and gradually warms and becomes pliable. We soften and receive the love that has always been waiting for us. 

The God who is love is the God who is faithful. To each of us and to all of us. 

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