election aftermath

Election Aftermath

emotions after the electionIt’s been a stressful week for most Americans when it comes to the state of our nation in the election aftermath. Even without a final verdict on who will be our next President, we know that our country is still quite divided when it comes to partisan politics. Our worst fears have not come to pass, but we haven’t exactly come together singing kum-ba-yah either.⁠

On Tuesday afternoon, I had such a strong headache that I went to bed for an hour. I haven’t done that in years. It was as if I just couldn’t think about the discord and turmoil and distrust and disdain that was oozing from both sides of the political map any longer. I climbed under the covers and slept.⁠

But I also went to the polls on Tuesday. I stood in line with Penny and walked her through what it looks like to vote for a President and various other representatives. In four years, she will be 18, and she will vote in her first election. If there is anything this election has shown us, it is that every vote does count.

voting with Penny

It’s that people who were previously disenfranchised—including people with disabilities—can make their voices heard.

It’s that “we the people” continues to become a phrase that is more and more accurate in describing who comes to the voting booths and casts their ballot.

In the midst of the uncertainty of this election, in the midst of the divisions within our nation, that’s a reason to get out of bed.⁠

That said, faith in our democracy will only carry me so far. In the election aftermath, I do celebrate the expanding participation and access to voting that we’ve seen in this election. But I have also been reminded this week to put my faith in a God who works in and through our political systems and who is also far greater than our political realm. I have been reminded to place my hope, not in the power of man, but in the love of God, a love that remains and sustains all things.

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