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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Mammograms

Is everything about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) these days? That’s the claim—or accusation—a lot of parents are making across the country when it comes to a newfound focus on racism and inequity in teaching American history. It’s the concern expressed by lots of churchgoers when it comes to preachers talking about social justice. 

There’s a tone of exasperation. In the classroom, concern that the woke professors won’t give up until every white male voice has been eradicated from the canon of literature. In politics, that social justice warriors won’t stop until every historical figure has been excoriated for some form of racism. And in the church, fear that critical race theory will overpower the gospel.

But what if there really has been a whole lot of racism in the church and in American society from its very founding? And what if the only way to heal from that racism is to name it and repent of it and act to transform it? 


What if the current awareness of racist ideology is like an oncologist who brings mammograms to a hospital for the first time? Yes, more masses will be identified. Yes, more appointments will be scheduled. Yes, more biopsies. More surgeries. More medication. 

But the doctor isn’t prompting all this activity in order to increase costs, harm patients, and absorb time. The doctor is prompting this activity in order to save patients’ lives.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

DEI work—identifying racism and working to repair its harms and build a different reality for the future—is healing work. It takes time. And money. And discomfort. 

And it saves lives.

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