Amy Julia sits on a tall stool and reads from To Be Made Well. People sit in chairs in front of her and there are paintings on the wall behind her.

Book Launch Party

It’s so much better in person.

I forgot. I forgot that Zoom and Instagram and Marco Polo and all the other ways I can (thankfully!) connect with people through screens just don’t compare to the joy of being with real human beings face to face. 

On Sunday, Peter (my husband) threw a beautiful party for me to celebrate the launch of To Be Made Well. Yes, it took us almost 6 weeks to find a date that worked, but it was worth the wait. 

I loved being able to read a portion of the book (I read from chapter 5, the Barrier of Distraction) and then field questions about the writing process, other writers who have influenced me, and what it means to sit through discomfort in order to get to the place of peace that passes understanding. 

What a sweet gift of an evening. My heart is full.

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