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Believe Your Belovedness

The center of healing is belovedness. 

I’ve been thinking about three steps to healing: acknowledge harm, ask for help, and participate in healing. 

All three of them depend upon belovedness. If you don’t know you are loved, then it isn’t safe to acknowledge harm. Love allows me to admit my own failures and bad choices and the ways I have harmed others and harmed myself. 

If you don’t know you are loved, then it isn’t acceptable to ask for help. Love invites me to be limited, to expect other people to receive my gifts and offer their own gifts in response to my needs. Love invites me to return to God’s grace and cry out to the one who loves each one of us. 

 If you don’t know that you are loved, then there is no energy and no courage to participate in healing. Love animates hope. Love animates humble, small steps. Love connects us to one another. Love binds us together.

The only way for any of us to be made well is to believe that we are beloved by God.

The only way for our society to be made well is to believe that each of us and all of us are beloved. 

The center of healing is belovedness. Believe your belovedness.

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