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An Age of Longing

We are living in an age of longing.

When I was younger, I read “classic American novels” about people (mostly boys) who sought after truth, sought to find themselves, sought to understand their stories. I went to churches that talked about being “seeker-sensitive”. They wanted to make space for people who didn’t have all the answers but who were seeking after truth and goodness and beauty and thought maybe the church was the place to find it.

My sense is that now we’re living in an age of longing. We aren’t convinced there are answers. We aren’t convinced there is truth or goodness or beauty. 

But we long for those things. 

We long for love to be real and meaningful and transformative.

We long for beauty that goes deeper than shiny surfaces.

We long for goodness and justice and repair.

We even long for truth, a truth that opens up doors instead of closing us into boxes, a truth that has room for mystery and questions and uncertainty and doubt, a truth that nevertheless cannot be shaken. A truth that will catch us when we fall.

I believe that God will be found by those who earnestly seek God. 

I also believe that God will find those who long for beauty, goodness, and truth. 

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