AJB Recommends: Unseen by Sara Hagerty

One of the perks of being an author is that people send me books for free. I have a stack on my desk right now that I’m eager to look through, but there is one that I want to tell you about right now. I read this book in manuscript form a few months ago, and I am eager to read it again. It’s written by my friend, author and blogger Sara Hagerty, and it is called Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves to be Noticed. Here’s what I wrote after I read it: “Sara Hagerty has written a beautiful and powerful book that I will give to any Christian who wonders what God is up to in times of trial, stress, or monotony. It might seem as though Sara’s story won’t connect–she’s managed four international adoptions, for starters–and yet Unseen managed to draw forth the desires and fears and dreams we have in common. I will return to this book in the future when I need a reminder of God’s faithfulness, God’s purposes, and God’s love for me.” And I will give this book to many friends who feel alone or as if they are living lives that fade into the background, lives that don’t matter, lives that aren’t significant because of small children or no children or hopes and dreams that haven’t been realized. I highly recommend this beautiful book.

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