A Community’s Work to Participate in Healing

Community Healing

It was a dreary night outside, and a warm welcome inside the library of Trinity Episcopal Church in Southport, CT Tuesday night. After a winter of traveling south to talk about race, justice, privilege, and the lines that divide us, I loved being able to gather with people here in Connecticut to address these topics and discuss how to participate as a community in the work of healing.

Some of the questions they asked about participating in their community’s healing included:⁠

In an increasingly secularized culture, do you think faith is important as we try to address social divisions?⁠

How much are anxiety and fear causing us to stay divided?⁠

Have you seen differences in response to your message in different parts of the country?⁠

How do we make amends for the injustices of the past while also “moving the ball forward” into a more hopeful future?⁠

We had a great conversation, and once again I felt honored to get to play a small part in one community’s work to acknowledge the harm of social divisions, reach out for help, and participate in healing.⁠

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