photo looking down at Amy Julia's hands, which are holding shards of broken plates

4 Ways to Deal with Brokenness

The world feels shattered. Some days I feel shattered. What do we do with all our broken pieces? I’ve found that there are four ways to deal with the idea that as humans we are broken vessels.

  1. Despair. See ourselves and our world as irredeemably marred. Throw away the pieces and wish it weren’t so.
  2. Strive. Try really hard to achieve and excel and perform well and somehow glue the broken pieces back together again.
  3. Be made new. Especially for Christians, this one seems spiritual and biblical, but it isn’t. Here we try to ignore and deny the brokenness and replace it with Jesus.
  4. Bring brokenness under the blessing of God. Assume that belovedness is the truth that runs deeper than brokenness. That love can piece us back together without ignoring or denying the broken places. That brokenness can even become beautiful and purposeful when it is embraced and healed by love.

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