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When the Sink Breaks, You Call a Plumber

“When the sink breaks, you call a plumber.”

I was describing a friend who had been struggling with anxiety for months, and who finally decided to see a psychiatrist. She started medication and almost immediately experienced relief.

I could have been describing another friend battling depression. Or another spiraling in and out of the throes of addiction. Or myself complaining about how I felt icky in my clothes and I had tried everything I knew how to try and nothing had worked. 

The bottom line is that sometimes we just need help. Help from outside the system. Help from outside ourselves. It isn’t shameful to call a plumber when the sink breaks. It isn’t shameful to call a friend when your heart breaks. 

Sometimes we need professional help by way of medication or therapy or a membership at a gym. Sometimes we just need to state the problem out loud to a listening ear and talk through options for receiving care. We are a part of each other’s healing.

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