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Sharing Some Fun Facts Today!

Every so often, I take the time to introduce myself around here, since there are always wonderful new people joining in on the conversation. Welcome!

I’m Amy Julia, with a funky double name that comes from my brief stint as a North Carolinian. I now live in Connecticut, and one of my friends calls me a pilgrim because of how far back the generations go in these parts. I write, speak, and teach about all sorts of things that all circle around the healing love of God. 

But beyond the official bio, here are a few fun facts about me:

I was an English major at Princeton University, and I only learned the meaning of the word sartorial last week. My husband asked me for “sartorial advice,” and then had to explain what he meant, advice pertaining to clothing! Who would ever have thought?

I am a MUCH better mother of tweens and teens than I was of toddlers. Our kids are 16, 14, and 11 now, and it feels like a relief almost every day. 

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I looked back at a few other introductions I’ve written here, and the thing I seem to mention the most is being a Bible nerd. Yikes. But it’s true. I was even voted “class Bible beater” in high school, which was not a compliment. 🙁

I am severely allergic to poison ivy (and nothing else that I know of). I graduated from eighth grade with a horrific case of it on my face, which meant I looked like a mobster. One of my younger sisters cried when she saw me. 

I love Indian food, and I have recently discovered so do our kids! Or at least I love the way Indian restaurants prepare such food in America. 

I’d love to hear from you too! What did your high school yearbook say about you? What kind of food do you love? What are you allergic to?

More with Amy Julia:

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