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RNS | Why do I still go to church?

READ THE RNS ESSAY: Why do I still go to church?

For many Americans, going to church has become outdated, impractical, and in some cases even a sign of oppression. Our family still attends with as much regularity as we can muster, and we are grateful for it. 

I had a chance to write for Religion New Service about why we still go to church. The essay begins:

Every fall, our family returns to church. We don’t intentionally walk away during the summer months, but between vacations and camp drop-offs and lazy mornings and opportunities to see family and friends, we tend to tie our church attendance to the school calendar.

Come September, we have to remind ourselves why it’s worth it to nudge our teenagers out of bed on a day when they could sleep in. Why get dressed and head out the door to listen to a choir and hear some prayers and sit through a sermon when we could be hiking in the woods?

READ THE RNS ESSAY: Why do I still go to church?

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