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Receive Healing: Pay Attention to Pain

The first step in receiving God’s healing is to pay attention to pain. Whether it is the pain of an aching back or the pain of a sharp word directed towards you or the pain of sitting alone at the end of the day—pay attention to that pain instead of denying, numbing, or ignoring it.

Pay attention instead of seeking a distraction from it. The pain gets us in touch with our need.

For me, the easiest way to pay attention is through a daily “examen,” where I pause and consider the whole day and notice physical sensations, emotions, and interactions.

  • Where am I holding tension in my body and where did that tension come from?
  • Did I feel upset or anxious or sad or angry or hurt today?
  • Did I feel disconnected from God at any point?

(I also use the examen to notice where I felt joyful and connected and grateful and beloved, but that’s a post for another day…)

The first step to healing is to notice where it hurts.

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