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Introducing Season 7 of Love Is Stronger Than Fear Podcast

Love is stronger than fear. 

What if we really believed it? What if we lived into love and weren’t overcome by anxiety? What if, even in the midst of the harrowing realities of our global catastrophes and the mundane realities of our everyday lives—what if we could live in a way that deepens who we are, that connects us to ourselves, to God, to one another? 

I’m Amy Julia Becker, and this is a podcast about what it means to be human beings who seek love rather than fear, hope rather than cynicism, healing rather than division.

In this season, I am excited to talk with Esau McCaulley about wrestling with his humanity as a Black man in America, and with Curtis Chang about the possibilities that open up when we face our own anxiety. Other guests include New York Times columnist Tish Harrison Warren and bestselling author Curt Thompson. We’ll talk about disability and culture and spirituality and maybe some politics and, again, about walking with courage along a way of grace and love. 

The first episode will drop on September 5th. Meanwhile, now is the time to let other people know about this podcast by sharing this trailer with them, leaving a rating or review, and, if you haven’t already, subscribing so you can get new content every two weeks. 

Together, we can begin to live lives that tap into a deeper truth than all the messages that come at us from advertisers and entertainers all day long. Together, we can live into the truth that love is stronger than fear. I hope you’ll join me for some beautiful, challenging, deepening conversations about all these things starting on September 5th . 

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