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Penny in Her Own Words: What I Thought About Netflix’s Down for Love

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! To celebrate, Penny will take over my account once a week and share her thoughts about teenage life, having a job, school, and more, plus the congratulations letter she wrote to parents whose baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Today she shares her thoughts about the Netflix reality dating show Down for Love.

I’d love to hear how you would describe Down for Love to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Down For Love is a reality dating show where people with Down Syndrome and other disabilites go on blind dates to try to find love.

What do you think it means to be “down for love”?

I think Down for love means you have Down Syndrome and are down to find a connection or love.

Who was your favorite character? Who was your favorite couple?

My favorite character is Libby because she has a lot of things in common with me. My favorite couple has to be Leisel and Braydon because all of their blind dates have been something creative and they connect more with each date.

Did it make you think about your own desire to date people?

Yes I do wish I had a boyfriend but right now I am enjoying single life.

Do you think it’s harder to find people to date because of having Down syndrome?

I have only had one boyfriend in my life which in a shortend version did not last long. It was pretty easy for me to find a guy because he also has some sort of disability. So we can connect in that way. We have been friends for a while and I think we are going to keep it that way.

Did you like the show? Why or why not? 

Yeah I liked the show. I liked it because I could relate with trying to find a guy and trying to connect our intrests together.

What are some questions you have about dating and love?

Am I ever going to find love?

How do I know if a guy likes me more than a friend?

Does the guy feel the same way?

What if I like a guy but he just wants to be friends?

What are some fears you have or challenges you think you’ll face?

A fear ; getting rejected or not having the same intrests

Challenge: If I like a guy more than a friend but he only likes me as a friend

What are some things you’re excited about when it comes to dating and romance?

I am excited about trying to find someone who likes me for me or has the same intrests as me.

Would you recommend Down for Love? Why? Do you think it is only a show for people with Down syndrome?

I would recommend Down for Love because even though you may not have a boyfriend it can inspire you to ask someone and create a good first date. Other people who don’t have Down Syndrome can still watch it but maybe won’t feel as connected as people with Down Syndrome.

Tomorrow I talk on the LOVE IS STRONGER THAN FEAR podcast with the Down for Love producer, Robyn Paterson. She’s gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the show and some great insight. Plus, at the end of the episode, I talk with Penny about the show!

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