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On Pointe, Step by Determined Step

Penny performed on pointe in the Nutcracker this past weekend (video below).

And maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal or something to write a post about, but I sat in the audience astonished and proud and so very happy for her.

Penny has been in pointe class for the past three years, but she has always worn her ballet shoes for pointe performances. “I can only do pointe at the barre,” she told me. 

And I was fine with that. And she was fine with that.

But I asked her whether she wanted to be able to do pointe in the center, without the support. She said yes. We talked about making it a goal—to move from the barre to the center, gradually, at her pace. And then we talked to her teacher, who offered to meet with her one-on-one for a few sessions of personal instruction.

I still didn’t expect to see her on pointe on stage. Before the show, she told me she would be wearing the pointe shoes, but she might not go up on them. And on Saturday night, she went halfway up. It was a little intimidating to go all the way. What if she tottered? What if it didn’t work out?

Step by step. Support by support. With her own motivation and the encouragement and time and energy of one teacher who believes in her. On Sunday, there she was. Beautiful and graceful and courageous. On pointe.

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