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November Introductions

I asked my family how I should introduce myself to the new people around here, and here’s what they suggested (through the family group text):

“Your breakfast and tea routines.”

“All of your routines.”

“Reading magazines while doing . . . everything.”

Then Peter added, “And these are all the reasons we love you, just to be clear. They also happen to be funny to outsiders.”

SO, with that in mind, here are a few fun facts about yours truly: 

  1. I like routines. I make Paris tea, steeped for four minutes, with almond milk, every morning. I travel with dozens of teabags and a Yeti mug wherever I go. Even on airplanes. I also eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Berries, yogurt, and granola. And I put the yogurt in the microwave. For 50 seconds. Otherwise, my teeth are too cold. 
  2. Even in the summer, I wear long sleeve shirts and pajama pants to bed. And then I tuck the shirt into the pants. And then I tuck my pants into my socks. It’s the only way I can get warm enough to go to sleep, even under a down comforter. 
  3. I have rules for my email inbox. I’m sure this sentence alone tells you all sorts of things about my personality, including that I’m an Enneagram One. The rules include that my inbox cannot have more than 50 messages that have not been handled: responded, deleted, filed.

Oh my goodness, now I’m starting to think that these really aren’t reasons to love me, but that I am loved very much in spite of me!!!  And maybe that’s the most important thing to know about me and about this space. I write about belonging and belovedness and how we are all invited, as we are, to God’s bountiful table. And I am my first audience, because I need these truths every single day. I hope this space offers a place for you to experience a sense of your own belovedness and belonging, exactly as you are. 

I’d love to get to know you! Do you like routines? If so, what’s one of your regular routines? Are you a socks-on or socks-off person for sleeping? Do you have rules for your email inbox?

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