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My Stressful, Fun Day at NBC

Before I headed into Rockefeller Center with my friend Niro to talk with NBC News about disability and friendship, we had to prepare. The brainstorming was the easy part. I had tons of thoughts about what we might say about mutuality and belonging and empathy and the challenges and gifts that all kids with disabilities (and their siblings and peers) have to offer. 

But I also realized that one of the reasons I became a writer is so that I can wear leggings or jeans all day every day and consider that being dressed up. So when Niro invited me to join her on NBC News, I had a problem on my hands. Again, I was not worried about the words. I spent hours perseverating about what I would wear. 

Thankfully, our 12-year-old daughter Marilee has a LOT more fashion sense than her mother. She helped me settle on an outfit, and then she agreed to do my hair before she went to school. And it felt fun to be dressed up and wear a little makeup (for me, a lot of makeup) and get mic’d up and see the inside of a studio and sit on a high chair at a glass table and talk for 4 minutes (twice) about family and friendship and disability. 

I should add that I spent many hours thinking about how it wouldn’t be worth it. The time and effort and stress of trying this for the first time and the risk of floundering on camera. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought the hosts might hear it. But then we got out there and Vicky and Morgan were warm and personable. And Niro is an old pro at this stuff and generously shared her position with me. And I got to talk about things that really matter to me. 

It was stressful. It was so fun. 

What things do you find are both stressful and fun at the same time? Are they worth it?

Watch Segment 1

Watch Segment 2

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