“Take Courage” Podcast Episode: Hope and Healing

Matt Miller is a pastor and communicator in Memphis, TN. He has a new podcast called Take Courage. In the recent “Hope and Healing” episode he interviewed me about writing White Picket Fences.

I guess it’s fair to call it courageous to write this book, only because, as Matt points out, I have the luxury as an educated, affluent, white person to ignore issues related to race and class and privilege if I want to. It feels like a pretty small, and safe, offering to tell our story, but I was grateful for the chance to talk with Matt about how having a child with a disability has changed my understanding of a good life, how I began to reevaluate the “goodness” of my childhood as an adult, and the invitation we all have to enter into healing.


Listen to the podcast here (or if you use Apple podcasts here)

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