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March Introductions

Hello and welcome! I wanted to introduce myself once more:

I write a lot.

I have been writing posts of some sort for the internet for 18 years now. It’s been at least 5 days a week for at least 10 years. That’s at least 2500 posts. Plus 5-ish books and a LOT of essays in that time. I sometimes summarize what I write about with the words “faith, family, and disability.” 

I drink beverages all the time.

Copious amounts of Paris tea with almond milk. Lots of carbonated water with the help of a Sodastream. And I carry a water bottle, with a straw, everywhere. I am constantly in need of a restroom. 

I do not ever watch television shows by myself.

Peter and I always have a series that we are watching together. (Right now, The Crown, The Chosen, and Ted Lasso. Old favorites have included The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Lost, This Is Us, Breaking Bad, Emily, and The West Wing.) But I recently decided that I need a show that I can watch all by myself when Peter is away and I need something (other than a glass of wine!) to relax in the evening. So I am proudly on episode 19 of the first season of Madam Secretary. Some of the plot points are contrived but in general I am loving it.

I only sleep with background noise.

I used to call it white noise, but I have an app on my phone (Sound Sleep), and it offers four noise colors, and I apparently actually prefer brown noise. So. I sleep with brown noise wherever I go. 

I care a lot more about “success” than I want to admit.

I’ve recently been doing a deep dive into Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), and I would really like to store up treasures here on earth as well as in heaven. I would really like the approval of ALL my fellow humans as well as of God. It’s a long, slow work to unlearn the messages of my culture that tell me my value comes from what I accomplish in the world. A long, slow work of grace and love. 

I’m so glad you’re here and would love to hear about your quirky habits, what you’re watching, and what you’re learning too!

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