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Let’s Drop “Low/High Functioning”

I was totally taken aback the first time someone asked me if our daughter Penny was low functioning. I didn’t want to talk about any human in terms of how they function, as if they’re machines functioning at a high or low level.

But I didn’t know how to respond.

Over time, I learned the language of challenges and gifts, of needs and what we have to offer.

All of us have challenges.

All of us have gifts.

All of us have needs.

All of us have something to offer.

This language of challenges and gifts is a way I can talk about all humans, including our daughter Penny who has Down syndrome.

We’re going to talk about that and lots of other ways to navigate disability and reimagine a good life as a family in the Reimagining Family Life with Disability workshop that I’m offering soon. I hope you’ll join us.

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