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July Introductions

Hi! For those of you who are new around here, I’m Amy Julia. This community grows almost daily, so here’s a short introduction.

  1. My husband, Peter, and I met in high school and stayed together through college in different places and got married three weeks after he graduated, when we were both 22. This means we just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary, which was kind of a non-event because he was at a conference and we were about to move. We ate tacos together a few days after the fact. Thankfully, we still like each other a lot. AND we are planning on a much more celebratory experience for the 25th!
  2. We also really like teenagers. We’ve lived on the campuses of boarding schools for the past 20 years (Lawrenceville and the Frederick Gunn School). We are about to move to Taft, the school where we met (!!!) and where he just began as Head of School. Not only do we get to live near another group of teenagers, we also get to live with our own three kids: Penny, who is 17, William, 14, and Marilee, 12 (going on 21, so she counts as a teenager too). 
  3. I come from a big family. I’m the oldest of four girls, and William recently told me that I’m the most classic oldest child he knows. I’m not sure how he became the expert here, but I’m finally starting to understand that I don’t need to take care of everyone else all the time (especially when they aren’t looking for my help and especially when I will resent myself for providing said help!). Hopefully, in a few years (or decades) I will be a little less recognizable as the oldest.
  4. I’m a writer/speaker/podcaster/teacher who is trying to invite people to explore Jesus’ invitation to a life of love and blessing. Right now that mostly means creating very short posts on Facebook and Instagram. In the past, it has meant writing books, and I hope I’ll be turning my attention in that direction again soon. 

For now, happy summer, and I’d love to hear a little more about you in the comments!

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