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I’m Giving Up Potato Chips for Lent

I’m giving up potato chips for Lent. (For those of you who listened to the podcast episode with Becca Stevens, yes, this is thanks to that conversation.) It’s such a little gesture. But I do eat potato chips every single day at lunch. And I really really enjoy those chips. My hope is that in putting the potato chips to the side for these 40 days, I’m opening up a little moment of space for God. 

Lent: Preparation, Invitation, Opportunity

I have to remind myself every year that Lent is not a diet plan and not a time to sacrifice something for Jesus. Lent is a season of preparation. It is a time of invitation. It is an opportunity to examine my life and wonder whether there are any habits that have shoved God to the margins or any broken places that need healing. 

As I explained it to Penny, “I’m trying to remind myself that I want God more than I want potato chips.” (Truth be told, this is not always an obvious order of priorities for me.)

Fasting From Potato Chips

Fasting from potato chips is a symbolic gesture, one that I hope nudges my heart towards love and away from self-indulgence. It’s a time to remind myself that I want what God wants more than I want anything else. It is also a time of remembering that God wants me more than my performance or good deeds or productivity. 

I’m reminded again of Greg Boyle’s words, that all we have to do is surrender to healing. Lent is a time of surrender. Lent is a time for healing

book cover of Lenten devotional On the Way


**I wrote a devotional guide to Lent, and it is not too late to use it throughout this season. It offers a daily reflection around weekly topics like prayer, justice, and lament alongside weekly celebrations on Sunday. It also has weekly questions for reflections for your personal use or to use in a group. You can order it here.**

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