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How to Find Joy Even When Life Is Hard

A couple weeks ago I was talking to Jamie of Mattea’s Joy, and she asked me, “What does it mean to you to find joy in the journey?” 

How do I find joy? These two reflective practices allow me to slow down and reflect on what I’m feeling, who I’ve been given, and what I’ve been given.

  1. I pause and name what I’m grateful for.
  2. I pause and ask questions about what I’m upset about.
    (Identifying anger or sadness or hurt can lead me to a place of honesty, whether it’s an honest confrontation with someone, an honest confrontation with myself, or an honest prayer.) 

These practices help me go deeper than a gratitude list or pretending that there’s nothing wrong. They point me toward joy all along the way. 

Connect here with Mattea’s Joy for more of this conversation!

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