collage of photos of Hope heals and Mend Coffee

Hope Heals Board Retreat

I have the great honor of serving on the Board of Hope Heals. What a gift to spend 36 hours with these fellow Board members as well as members of the Hope Heals staff. I am so encouraged to celebrate the opening of Mend Coffee and Goods and the launch of Treasures in the Dark, while also looking forward to four weeks of camp this summer. 

We were reminded of Hope Heals’ mission in our time together, which includes an emphasis on “inter-ability spaces.” In other words, Hope Heals is not a disability advocacy group, per se. It’s not a disability ministry, per se. It’s a ministry to all of us who want to live with one another, who want spaces of true belonging that extend beyond the social hierarchies and barriers we so often erect. 

I hope many of you who read this post can come to camp some day (as a camper or as a volunteer), or drink a cup of coffee at Mend, or even just subscribe to the Hope Note. All of these different sacred spaces give people of all abilities a seat at the table, including me.


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