Guest Podcast: Amy Julia Becker on Susie Larson

Earlier this week, I spoke on the Midday with Susie Larson Radio Show on Faith Radio. Here I share some thoughts on that interview and a link where you can listen to the show!

What is racism and is it still active in our nation? What if I say the wrong thing when I’m trying to talk about race and privilege? What is the harm of privilege? How can we have hope and love instead of shame and helplessness in the face of social division? 

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Susie Larson of Faith Radio earlier this week, and that live interview has now been released as a podcast. We cover the questions above and so much more. We talk about the journey I took to write White Picket Fences, the surprising and beautiful experience of generosity and grace in talking with people about privilege, and the way God’s healing works through small, hidden, decisions to take the next step in love. 

Listen here.

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