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The Deeper Truth

There are two true stories that run through my life. 

The first one, the one I’ve paid attention to a lot over the years, is the one that says, “You are never good enough. You are often overlooked and rejected. The only way things work out is if you work for them. The only way you can get it all done is if you work harder.” 

I have evidence to back up this story. The polite “no thank you” notices from publishers. The friends who have told me I don’t get invited to parties because I’m “too religious.” The countless dinner parties where no one asked a question about me or my work because the attention turned elsewhere, all night long.

But recently, I’ve begun to recognize a deeper truth. This is the one that says, “You are a beloved child of God. You have been created with purpose. You bring delight to the world when you live out of love and offer your gifts. You are seen and known and valued.” 

I have evidence to back up this story too. The countless encouraging words and notes when people read posts and essays and books I’ve written. The excitement I feel deep within me when I get to interview someone for the podcast. The joy I experience when I get to introduce others to their own belovedness. 

So the question for me—for you—is which truth I’m going to live in to? Am I going to reject the shallow truth of rejection? Will I put down roots and grow and flourish out of the deeper truth—the one that is true for each and every one of us—that I have been created in love and for love? 

I want to live into the deeper truth.

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