Aerial View of the Ocean Wave

The Deeper Truth

There are two true stories that run through my life.  The first one, the one I’ve paid attention to a lot over the years, is

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photo of Amy Julia standing with Anne inside at Hope Heals Camp

Tell Your Story

On the first morning of Hope Heals camp, the woman beside me said, “I can’t really believe I’m walking next to you right now. I

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graphic with 3 photos of Peter and Amy Julia smiling for a selfie by the ocean

Summer Loving

Peter and I had just under 48 hours away and alone together to ride bikes and sit on the beach and eat halibut and read

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screenshot of the Atlantic essay cover graphic

Forgetting our Humanity

“‘The propagandist’s purpose,’ Aldous Huxley observed, ‘is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.’” This quotation came

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Penny poses outside in front of a sign for The Po Cafe

Penny Got a Job

Penny had her first day of work last week. That’s right. Work. Employment. Four hours, three days a week, at a local cafe and bakery. 

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